This website is dedicated to those brave Rowland Pioneers that settled in Lee County,
Virginia in about 1800. One of those pioneer families was Michael Rowland and his wife
Elizabeth. They had migrated from Henry County, Virginia and brought their family to the
foothills of the Cumberland mountains.

Michael Rowland served as a private in the Revolutionary War. He is known to have fought
at Guilford Court House in North Carlonia.

This area was directly adjacent to the Wilderness Road which was scouted by Daniel Boone
and others in the late 1700's. The Road led through the Cumberland Gap, the gateway to
Kentucky and Ohio valley. At that time, this was the frontier, full of Indians and wild game.
The foothills behind the Rowland homestead had a lot of Cherokee mound graves.

A lot us have a lure to this region even though we moved away years ago. The region is
rich in American and Indian history. Enjoy the site as you travel back some 488 years and
try to trace your kinfolk.

A view of the land that was settled and farmed in the late 1700's by
our Rowland ancestors. The site is at the base of Cumberland
Mountain, Lee County, Virginia.
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